Guide to Norton Antivirus 2007

Norton Antivirus 2007, or soon NAV 2k7, is the most recent product to come from Symantec, the market leader in the business of security software. Norton Antivirus is well known to computer users around the world and it is designed to protect computers from spyware, adware, worms, viruses and other relevant risks. According to Symantec, there are two main improvements in their most recent development including security technology and functionality.

Stats reveal that there are approximately 53,000 computer viruses in existence and a brand new is being created every 18 seconds! A virus can do anything from displaying ads, deleting system files to stealing your personal and credit card information. Most users become infected by an email attachment or by downloading a pirated software, or another sort of software which has a virus attached to it. There are a number of facts that one must know about, but at the end of the day, using an anti-virus set up is an absolute must. To begin with, you should not open any attachments send from a person you don’t understand or you’re not sure about. According to the definition provided by, a computer virus is a program that can copy itself and infect a computer without consent or knowledge of the consumer.

This self-reproductions made even simpler with the popularity of the Internet because a virus can spread easily through the community – by email or file sharing. Some viruses may damage programs that you have installed, delete files or format your entire hard disk. Regardless of the sort of virus, it is going to slow down your system and cause system crashes and data loss. The system requirements Your computer must meet to support Norton Antivirus 2007 are: Even though the setup is quite straight forward, there are a few facts you ought to have in mind. Symantec strongly advises that you don’t have some other anti-virus software installed. If you do, go into the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs and Uninstall them. During the installation procedure itself, it is also a great idea to close as many programs as possible, to be able to maintain the system load at the minimum. Installing Norton Antivirus 2007 may be performed from a CD or by downloading it from the Internet.

A pre-install scan will be performed, which only takes a couple of minutes, cause it is not that thorough. When you start NAV for the first time, LiveUpdate begins and after your confirmation, it is going to check for the most recent virus definitions and software updates available if you can not install NAV 2007 rather than the Pre-Install scan, but you need a current Internet Connection, then you may use the Web-based Symantec Security Check, at utilizes the latest protection updates, including updates which were released after you bought your product, situated. Activation of the item is necessary so that you could prove to Symantec you’re a legitimate customer. It only requires a couple of minutes and can be performed during the installation or after it. There’s a period of time in which you’re obligated to trigger NAV.

If you do not do it in the time of the setup, then click on the Activate Your Product alert and choose Activate Now. In case you ran into some issues, use the activate by Phone’ feature. The entire program interface has been redesigned and simplified. Double click on the Norton Antivirus icon and the main window of the program opens up. On the left side are the links, choices are in the middle, providing access to all Norton AntiVirus features, options, Help, and Support. These options are available in the Middle of the display:-Tasks & Scans-invokes functions which are specific to your version-Reports & Statistics-to assess the Activity Log and the Online Virus Encyclopedia-Support-let’s you get in contact with live service, security, and account information.

Sometimes you’ll need assistance for using Norton Antivirus and you can not find the information in the Help files or in Symantec site. In such instances, you turn to the Service employees. There’s also the choice for free-based phone service available for all registered users. The detection mechanism was improved drastically for this model. At Symantec, the programmers know that most strikes are targeted at financial gains, rather than notoriety and that nearly all virus writers are largely modifying existing malicious code as 2007 addresses this trend with its new technology designed to detect such viruses and worm families.

The item is more powerful than ever before and will even found new kinds of viruses using rootkits to hide from security applications. There are loads of new features offered in Norton Antivirus 2007. The computer security market is actually extreme, but there are several other applications quite as powerful as this one. Along with anti-virus capabilities, NAV is packed with some terrific spyware and adware detection tools and it is going to automatically detect and block high-risk adware and spyware before they are installed on your system, by scanning your emails and files being downloaded.