Dark and Bright

Brummwiesel is about to get lost in a place that combines reality and dream. What is this world and how did he get there? Can you help him?
Nothing's unusual. Nothing's spectacular. You could say that Brummwiesel stagnates. He lives a life that he doesn't desire but can't escape, either. Everyday life makes him a container for emotions that he needs to hold back. Just when he realizes that he can't go on like this any longer, he finds himself in a strange world that is not too far from reality. But is this still reality? Brummwiesel will need to find out soon, because his stay here seems to be limited. In this foreign world, Brummwiesel travels everyday. He's on the journey of his life. Lastly, everything's unusual. Everything's spectacular. Nothing's right!

Free demo

Genre-mix with focus on story

Dark and Bright is a mix of a skill game and a role-playing game. There are levels which need to be completed in order to succeed on the journey through the unknown. Within these levels, magic balls need to be gathered. While doing so, the player mustn't touch enemies who make his journey more difficult. If he touches them, his life force will be threatened. Nevertheless, the player may also defend himself. Persistent enemies can be beaten up in traditional RPG-style. Besides, four characters with an individual ability each can be played to overcome obstacles and succeed.

Skill, puzzle and RPG

As Brummwiesel, you're about to enter a world full of dangers. The focus on the story gives the game a JRPG-feeling.


- Enjoy Dark and Bright-Indie-charm

- Hand-drawn worlds await you

- Play on easy, normal oder difficult

- Get to know more than 15 different levels

- Switch between 4 different characters to play

- Use 4 abilities to overcome obstacles

- Improve and level up your characters

- Fight enemies within action battle system

- Become a fight expert with optional contents

- Unfold a story of dark and bright!

How does the project go on?

Dark and Bright is currently under development and at an advanced stage already. If you want to support the game, feel free to help make it more known and share it with your friends.


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