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Officially, 19-year-old Zack is enrolled in the RTP, an academy for magic. Actually, he doesn't really care, except for the fact that his accommodation there is for free. One day, when a magical book is about to be stolen from the RTP, Zack gets involved in the robbing and he cannot get around the world of magic anymore. In the end, a threat to everyone alive is to be fought and Zack needs to find out what's wrong with that strange book causing the problems. It's not easy for him in a world he has gotten around for so long, but soon, he will realize that he has never been as distant from the world of magic as he thought he'd be.

Magic that plunges my small, comfortable world into chaos...

Reading direction from right to left

Zack is enjoying a hot chocolate as Peter rushes into his room, being shocked because of Zack's carefree attitude. A greeting for the newbies at the academy is being hold, after all. Should Zack give it a try?

Chapter 1


More chapters coming soon!

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